Personal History

Three generations of immigrants plus me.

Three generations of immigrants plus me.



Panmunjom meeting tent

This is my campaign ribbon, my license to speak out about recent history. I took the photo at Panmunjom, Korea, in 1951. In that tent the armistice negotiators were trying to end the fighting in the Korean War, the first big international story that I covered.

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s 237th birthday I suddenly realize that the U.S. is very young or I am quite old, as I have been alive through more than one-third of the country’s history.

With my other half.

With my other half.


5 thoughts on “Personal History”

  1. First I read your current post, and thought, “A reasonable voice”. Then, I read your “About” page and thought, “This explains his clear, elegant writing”. Then I saw the photo at the top of this page and just smiled. I’m happy to have you among my followers, and look forward to reading you.

    • Thank you. Kind words about writing doubly welcome when coming from another elegant writer. Be careful, or I’ll ask you to read some of my fiction. (just kidding.)

  2. My brother was also in Korea in 1951. I enjoy reading your posts. ~ Dennis

  3. merlin robinson said:

    Sir I am trying to locate images of the British 7th Royal Tank Regiment in Korea and was wondering if you know if Life Magazine or Time Magazine ever visited that unit in 1951. I know for certain that some photos were taken showing their Churchill tanks just after Seoul was liberated. Do you know if they were ever published by Life or Time? My best regards and I would welcome an email if you have any clues for me. Merlin Robinson (in Canada)

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