Answer to History Question.

Iran, Liberia and Thailand are the only countries on that list that were independent sovereign nations in October, 1913.  All the others were colonies or provinces of other countries, or were under military occupation and control by another power, or did not even exist as a national concept.

If you named all three and knew that all the others were not independent nations, then you should be in the Foreign Service.  (Maybe you are.)

If you were wrong about more than three countries (you thought independents were not independent, or vice versa) then I suggest you quietly withdraw from any discussions on foreign affairs until you have read some more history.(You probably know that already.)


11 thoughts on “Answers”

  1. Sorry, I had Iraq on the list too.

  2. I did better than I expected I would. I got Iran, Liberia and Thailand correct, but missed on Iraq and Egypt.

    Another place I have trouble is on the African continent. Countries come and countries go over there, and the map has changed considerably since my time there in the 70s. A little geography refresher would be good, too.

    • Only two wrong is not bad. I think Africa is difficult to remember because most of the national boundaries merely follow lines drawn by the colonial powers, so they don’t really represent any ethnic or linguistic significance.

  3. The place only two countries on my independent list: Iran and Iraq. I see I was wrong about one and missed two out.

  4. Pierre Lagacé said:

    I struck out.

  5. Anonymous said:

    Spotted two, missed the third. Which is embarrassing, considering. Bob

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