About Me

Night Owl is Rafael Steinberg, a U.S. citizen, a reader and writer of history, an oldtime pencil-and-typewriter journalist, an author of several books. I have a long memory. I call myself Night Owl because I write best in the midnight hours and like to sleep until noon. I have lived and worked in several countries besides the U.S. You might know me by the first name of Rafe or Ray.

In this blog  I want to speak to those who have forgotten where we came from and are too blinded by hubris and myth to see where we are going. We slide backwards into superstitition and ignorance, we squander our earned good will, we ignore the lessons of history; we refuse to see ourselves as others see us

Even trusted leaders have been terrorized into believing that we have to destroy our freedoms in order to protect them.

The beacon that once gave hope to the world has dimmed, but still glimmers. I hope it can shine again.


5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Congratulation and very nice work indeed.

  2. susan Henlsey said:

    Hi Ray,

    See if this comes through.


  3. Hi Susan,
    Yep, this one came through.

  4. Thank you, Rafe, for this Blog. I find it very helpful, well balanced and educating! Political thought is not my expertise and I greatly appreciate the ease in which you convey your ideas.

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