At Heartbreak I was going to write about some nefarious skullduggery going on around us right now but I’ve just been given an invitation to be lazy. Instead of writing something new today I refer you to some war reporting of mine from 62 years ago that has just been posted on another blog.

The other blog is Pacificparatroopers, hosted by GPCOX. Over the past couple of months it has been telling the half-forgotten story of the Korean War. Today it got to Heartbreak Ridge, and posted a story I wrote from that battle for International News Service.  You can find that by clicking here.

A few days ago Pacificparatoopers posted a couple of earlier Korean War stories of mine, which you can find here.

I like to stay linked to history, but that will be enough about the Korean War for now. I’ll get back to the present in my next post.