So what do I do now?

Just as I was about to put aside blogging for a while in order to get back to work on  the massive novel I have been writing for too many years,  I find myself Freshly Pressed with hordes of new followers who I’m sure are just waiting out there refusing to eat, drink, sleep or copulate until they can read the latest brilliant hoots from Night Owl.Image from Dreamstime

First, I know, I must congratulate the editors at Word Press for the superb taste they exhibited in conferring this honor upon me.  Well done, MW. you are a genius of both the divine and secular.

Next, welcome and sympathy to you new followers who have signed up to see more of my stuff.   I hope you haven’t come here for laughs, or for an unbiased view of events. I’ve earned my opinions and I don’t try to hide them.  What you’ll find here is honesty, and literacy, and some emotion, and maybe some understanding of what is going on around us.

So I suppose I continue.  But I have a request. Comment.  I appreciate all your clicks on the “Like” button, but don’t stop there. The comment button is up there on the northeast corner of every post.  Give me a word or two about WHY you liked something. or why you did NOT like something. Let’s have conversation.

Is that asking for trouble? Possibly. But I don’t suffer fools. I will simply delete any comment that I think is inappropriate, irrelevant, idiotic,  or just plain dull.

Not that any Night Owl followers could be dull.