My blog is a month old now and two dear friends whose opinions I value have weighed in with some private comments.

Friend One thinks the blog is boring because it just repeats the same concerns about the threats to our democracy.

Friend Two shares the concerns but points out that most people are only interested in their own comfort and well-being and won’t pay attention to these threats until it is too late.

The two friends don’t know each other but their timing was impeccable. Having just heard from Friend Bored I could not argue with Friend Cynical.  

This blog is not going to save the world, and I’m not going to shut up about the dangers I see.  So it’s obviously my job to alleviate the boredom and awaken the comfortable .  I’ll try to do that immediately by broadening the subject matter.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I refer Bored and Cynical and everyone else to my Quote For The Week, over there on the sidebar.