Bruce DeSilva, an old A.P. hand I know, has provided the following succinct summary of the Zimmerman-Martin case. Only a journalist could lay it out so clearly.

“George Zimmerman was found not guilty because it was never clear who screamed for help, who threw the first punch, and whether Zimmerman was ever truly in fear for his life. No one could say for sure what occurred in the four minutes between the time Zimmerman got out of his car and the moment he fired his gun. What IS clear is that Zimmerman decided Trayvon Martin was a criminal based on nothing but his skin color, followed him in his car and then on foot in defiance of the police, and ended up shooting him dead. Zimmerman’s profiling and reckless behavior led directly to Martin’s death, and he deserves to be punished for it. Here’s hoping that this isn’t over — that the U.S. Justice Department will charge him with violating Martin’s civil rights and that the boy’s family will file a wrongful death suit.”